MarCast | Episode 24 | Ziviani talks Growth Post Covid

Data Driven Growth

Ziviani joined the conversation on MarCast to discuss the role that data can play in business growth in a post-pandemic world where brands are being forced to rapidly innovate and pivot models in order to meet changing customer needs.

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Marketing Magazine | Data - The New Language for Business Growth | August 2020

Data is your organisations DNA

Data is the DNA of your organisational evolution – understand its meaning and you have the capacity to create a valuable roadmap to growth.

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Qantas Inflight – Talking Business with Ita Buttrose | August 2010

Building an Authentic & Sustainable Organisation

Ethical and purpose led behaviour is paramount in today's world. It is now 10 years since this interview but the essence is still critical to organisations wanting to be authentic and sustainable. The need for clarity and strategy around organisational growth and sustainability has never been more relevant as stakeholders become more educated and connected.

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Marketing Newsletter | May 2020

In trust we grow

Businesses that incorporate trust at the core of their values and operations are today perceived more favourably by consumers. If a business also advocates for sustainable practice and environmental and human rights issues, further positive gains can be realised.

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Marketing TV | March 2020

Michael Ziviani talks Trust

An understanding of trust and its drivers are key to business success. Michael Ziviani, founder and CEO at Precise Value, explains its importance to marketers and shares how we can better evaluate and harness its power.

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Institute of Public Relations | December 2018

New Research Maps Road to Success for Top CCOs

Michael Ziviani teamed up with Forrest W. Anderson to summarise some of the main findings from this innovative research.

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The Measurement Advisor | December 2014

How Michael Ziviani models Marketing & Communications to Multiply Effectiveness

Marketing and Communications do not work in isolation of each other. There are synergies which need to be harnessed to create value and growth for organisations.

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PR Week | November 2014

AMEC steps up advocacy of PR Measurement

Interview with Michael Ziviani and Aseem Sood on integration of communications and measures.

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Bluechip Communication | April 2013

Measure Twice Cut Once: Measuring PR campaign success

Michael Ziviani talks with the Bluechip team on how to overcome measurement barriers.

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EvoTV | May 2009

The Value of CSR

The aftermath of the 2008 GFC triggered this interview in 2009 around Success & Sustainability. What was true then is true today with the 2020 pandemic. Organisations have been given an opportunity to change and those that want to take up the challenge will grow their business with well thought out and actioned purpose led initiatives.

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