Data Value

The Data Merry-Go-Round

Some executives have an uneasy relationship with data. They are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity yet under pressure to make sense of its meaning in order to drive growth. All this amplified by the promise of unearthing new opportunities in an ever more challenging landscape.

So whilst the potential of data heralds a new age, finding the right fit of tools and seasoned expertise is very tricky.

Making Data Work for You

Data is increasingly used by smart businesses to grow and evolve. Such usage demands a new mix of skills that span strategy, change management, marketing, statistics and IT. Proven approaches here are essential and our cutting edge model describes how we architect value for clients.

The rationale is clear: Data is the DNA of your organisational evolution – understand its meaning and you have the capacity to create a valuable roadmap to growth.

Data Value Architecture Model

Data Value Architecture by Michael Ziviani, Precise Value Australia is licensed under a Creative Commons. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Creating New Value from Data

Our Growth Philosophy is central to driving what we do with data because we know it works. Clients tell us our approach delivers valuable new understanding about their business, customers and prospects.

Our approach brings layers of focus that translate data into meaning, implications and then rolls forward into strategy planning sessions that create action plans. This is what we describe as full-cycle analytics in that it continues well beyond findings until value is realised for each specific client.

For most clients, the success of this approach means iterative learning becomes an ongoing activity that drives growth. Our Growth Performance Model shows how we unlock an agile capability. The benefits (allow you to manage better and) are typically seen in several ways:

  • Achieve more from the same budget or effort
  • Respond to change much faster
  • Create more effective strategy plans that work
  • Harness a deeper understanding & control of growth

Our Growth Philosophy

The Precise Value Growth Philosophy is built from hundreds of successful analytics projects over 20+ years. There are five tenants to our philosophy:

  • 1

    Data seldom creates new value without business context

  • 2

    Measure what matters - KPI’s need to align to activities which make you grow

  • 3

    Driver strength allows clear priorities to be set for people, process and profit

  • 4

    Providing diagnostics from analytics helps roadmap new opportunities

  • 5

    Good strategy follows quality analytics, showing you shorter paths to results

More on Data

Data is often numeric but need not be purely so. Increasingly it is represented by words, videos and interactions. At Precise Value we will often blend various data types to create the deeper meaning which is needed to create strategic action plans.

For example, we have a division which assesses opinions to create rolling meta-data with over 40 variables. These are integrated with survey, CRM and sales data to distil a chain of effect. Our analytics then provide strategic implications, including driver strength to prioritise where you focus resources to best effect.

Underlying these novel approaches are a range of the latest tools and techniques to unlock the meaning and critical nuance. These include AI, Machine Learning, regression, CHAID and more.


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