Marketing Value

Today’s CEOs expect you to know precisely where and how your marketing creates value for the business.

When you first embark on the journey to understand your marketing results, the options can be confusing. Our approach cuts through this to help uncover the value you create, and to identify how to work smarter. For example, which channels, platforms and messages are driving what brand shifts, and how to predict customer engagement or segment belonging.

Choose a path to see how our proven methods deliver this essential understanding of value and enable more effective strategy.

Architecting ROI

Precise Value has developed a world-leading platform to uncover ROI across ALL marketing. Clarity at the customer, product, message and channel level means that strategies can be adjusted, boosting results for no more effort or cost.

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Brand Health

Every marketing professional will face the question ‘How does brand drive business results?’. Precise Value provides a robust way to answer.

We provide the research and know how to clarify and quantify your brand impact. Even if you already have brand health tracking research, we improve how it captures your landscape and link results to meaningful business outcomes.

We’ll help you tackle the vital transition from understanding broad brand health measures, towards specific and actionable business strategy.

The Precise Value approach enables you to:

  • Track shifts in worthwhile brand health measures amongst key audiences
  • Link those shifts back to activities so you know where to focus effort
  • Harness the dynamics of underlying brand drivers to create an uplift in your brand health
  • Structure value creation into stages and show the role of brand so you know the strength of each link in your comms value chain
  • Develop or refine your strategy based on insights and factual data rather than on ideation

CRM Analytics

Precise Value brings a range of marketing analytics to realise new value from customer data – if growth is your goal, we deliver the means to get there.

Our approach grounds value – landing your focus from overall metrics to known customers. Understanding your customers allows a better value exchange on both sides. But how do you do that for hundreds of thousands of customers?

By blending carefully structured market research and advanced statistics, we design algorithms to predict key marketing criteria. This knowledge underpins effective engagement strategy by describing the ‘who, what and how’.

Your campaigns then have a laser sharp focus, whether deployed by web personalisation or traditional DM. And our pre-tested ROI delivers known-good results.


Our Predictive Labs are the collaborative entry point to understanding your next steps.

Integrated communications

Customers, prospects and other stakeholders are all multi-platform consumers of media. Proper planning here greatly amplifies results but how do you know what to say, where? Especially as audiences themselves cannot separate platform influence.

Apply our world’s best practice methodologies to discover how ALL your comms work together holistically to create value.

Combining quality planning and objective setting with structured evaluation enables you to plan and guide your efforts for best effect, then report results with meaningful numbers.

As you uncover what drives each step of engagement, new worlds and opportunities are revealed. You will be able to:

  • confidently structure the process of creating value into stages with pragmatic metrics across all your communications platforms – whether social, traditional or online – using Precise Value’s Strategy Optimiser
  • develop powerful strategies based on insights that are not only integrated but unique to your organisation
  • predict engagement from various communications strategies, measure and refine them based on new insights
  • gain unprecedented control to track progress and actual business outcomes across the organisation, delivered by specific teams or agencies.
  • Prove your value to your exec and CEOs

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Reaching Your Audience

Perhaps one of the most intriguing pieces missing from the typical communications landscape is the Consumption & Platform Audit. Any successful communication strategy relies on understanding how media is consumed by your specific stakeholders and market segments. Precise Value designed a survey method to answer the key strategic questions, including:

What platform mix does each audience segment consume?

Do they upweight some platforms for certain types of information?
What are the implications for your activity across traditional vs social media?

How it Helps

Knowing  the channels your audience uses to receive information allows you to focus on areas of best effect. This gives you a strategic advantage by creating the shortest path to results.

Going Further

Some strategists say audiences cannot separate content from editorial so content marketing and PR will become one. We designed a methodology to achieve that blend and adjust it as media dynamics change. Our methodology enables you to understand this balance.

Market Segmentation

The Precise Value segmentation approach delivers growth opportunities in rich colour, along with the strategic tools to realise their value. This allows you to see your market landscape in an entirely new way. Your new view provides an easy pivot from customers to competitor prospects to new category growth opportunities. Each view comes with volume, value and reach metrics – not to mention detailed profile and preference insights. That’s everything you need to drive successful growth strategies.

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Value Proposition Design

To be successful, the design of your Value Proposition needs to be based on a deep understanding of customer and prospects perspectives.

The deeper the context of the value proposition design, the more successful it will be. Yet research is often limited or conducted in isolation of the wider competitive landscape.

Precise Value shapes your Value Proposition to align with segmentation research and if unavailable, the next best co-created hypothesis.
We build your Value Proposition in context and you get to see it come to life in research settings.

Explore the Value Lab as entry point to your new Value Proposition.

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Being Strategic

Great strategy presents you with the shortest path from here to successfully achieving objectives. But to be great, the right planning support is essential.

Precise Value deliver best practice planning and strategy support to unlock new business growth.

Our proven approaches structure your market, your activities and your opportunities. We make sure that structure is carefully designed to align with your business objectives. That’s what makes new value visible.

With Precise Value at your side, you and your team will finally understand where and how your work creates value. You’ll soon be well placed to develop strategies that deliver serious and quantifiable new value for your business.

By focusing your efforts on what really matters, we’re 100% confident that you’ll become more effective with the same resources, gain greater credibility and stature at CEO or board level.


Precise Value answers our problems and brings a halo of opportunity
Lisa Allan, Head of Marketing | The Smith Family


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