Communications Value

When you first embark on the journey to understand your communications health, the options can be confusing. Our approach helps you uncover the value you create and identify how to work smarter.

Our promise is to transform complexity and data into critical, relevant and actionable insights.


With the merging of paid and earned media gathering pace, previously
distinct silos now need to be planned as an integrated voice. Stakeholders
are already multi-platform consumers of media. Strategic messaging
requires careful planning for this complex landscape.

The power of Integrated Evaluation enables you to untangle complexity
and harness resonant sweet spots for your audience.
Apply our world’s best practice methodologies to discover how ALL your
comms work together holistically to create value.

Combining quality planning and objective setting with structured tracking enables you to plan and guide your efforts for best effect, then report results with meaningful numbers.

As you uncover what drives each step of engagement, new worlds and
opportunities are revealed. You will be able to:

  • confidently structure the process of creating value into stages with pragmatic metrics across all your communications platforms – whether social, traditional or online – using Precise Value’s integrated Strategy Optimiser
  • develop integrated comms strategies based on insights that are unique to your organisation
  • predict engagement from various communications strategies, measure and refine them based on new insights or shifts in the market or stakeholders
  • gain unprecedented control to track progress and actual business outcomes across the organisation, delivered by specific teams or agencies
  • Show with certainty your value to the organisation. You are not a cost centre but an important creator of value


Media Health Tracking

We recognise that data science and leading edge analytics can sound dry to many communicators. Yet, imagine the power of knowing which stakeholders, spokespeople, or influencers are the best match for any single activity. Precise Value gives you the means to know where your media impact is coming from whether it is social, traditional or online. Media Health Tracking enables you to show value from your efforts and to amplify results by focusing on the right areas.

How it works

Our solution starts with design of a client-customised content
assessment frame. Our team of degree-qualified readers then identify and calibrate metrics in our powerful back end platform.

Our approach eschews automated methods to deliver sensitive rigour across some 45 factors. Results are designed to inform strategy adjustment and feed advanced ROI analysis.

Driving Strategy

Great strategy provides you the shortest path from here to success. But to be great, the right planning support is essential. Precise Value deliver best practice planning and strategy support to unlock new business growth.

Our proven approaches help structure your communications, your activities and your opportunities. We make sure that structure is carefully designed to align with your business objectives. That’s what makes new value visible.

By focussing your efforts on what really matters, we’re 100% confident that you’ll become more effective with the same resources, gain greater credibility, attract more budget and gain stature at CEO or board level.

With Precise Value at your side, you and your team will finally understand where and how your work creates value. You’ll soon be well placed to develop strategies that deliver serious and quantifiable new value for your business.

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Strategy Diagram - Precise Value
I have reviewed the pack and it is extremely insightful.
Head of Corporate Media Relations


  • Australian Drug Foundation
  • BankWest
  • Charter Hall
  • Coca-Cola Australia
  • Coles
  • Coliban Water
  • Crown Resorts
  • CUA
  • Eliminate Dengue
  • KPMG
  • lendlease
  • Lion Nathan
  • MasterCard
  • Microsoft
  • Nestle
  • Nokia
  • Open Universities Australia
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  • Samsung
  • Santos
  • St John of God Healthcare
  • Sony
  • The Smith Family
  • Toshiba
  • Vodafone
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Xbox