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Market Research

Advanced Analysis

a new media era requires new tools

Today's world of integrated marketing makes it next to impossible to guess the success of your communications strategy.

Effectiveness has to be judged objectively, not subjectively; empirically, not speculatively. Companies need to know what they are getting for their effort and investment. In other words, more precise decisions.

Marketers are feeling more pressured than ever ... they are assailed by vast quantities of data and their chief executives are increasingly demanding concrete metrics to prove value and effectiveness of efforts.

Precise Value's Solutions deliver independent, quantifiable and actionable analysis which extends to answering these crucial questions:

  • What was the impact of competitive activity?
  • How much sales is driven by PR?
  • How does Advertising and PR interact?

We also provide Agency Solutions which include:

    • DIY tools and software services enabling agencies to conduct smart yet easy project/campaign measurement and evaluation

    • Scalable assistance with client pitches and reports that demonstrate value with a range of best practice metrics

    • In-depth agency project reporting to improve internal processes to capture, measure and analyse across client projects    

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