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As part of its leading role in communications analysis Precise Value continually updates and publishes its findings. This page provides links to a range of case studies, white papers and thought leadership presentations providing a valuable resource for all those interested in the science of communications.

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MasterClass: Sydney 21 January 2016

Communicating with people is a complex, challenging endeavour. That's especially true when the world is awash with conflicting information and opinions - all coming from a vast array of media channels. The links between effort and tangible outcomes can be difficult to identify, measure and report.

Should you, as an attendee wish any further information or discuss what you work-shopped, we welcome your contact@precisevalue.com.au

Industry Challenging Presentations

Precise Value regularly challenge industry perceptions with our thought provoking presentations. We share these with attendees of these events and with Marketing and Communications specialists interested in best practice approaches to gain an edge in Marketing and Communication Performance. Should you wish to educate yourself around best approach, we invite you to be intouch with us and email contact@precisevalue.com.au


Trust Benchmark Analysis 2014 Trust Benchmark Analysis 2014

Precise Value creates a cross-client Trust Benchmark based on our professional individualised approach to assessment and analysis of over 30,000 articles.

Case Studies

Aligning Investor communications to the drivers of share price? Aligning Investor communications to the drivers of share price?

Our client sought to be smarter in their investor communications. But without an understanding of their specific share price drivers that challenge was hard to meet. The Precise Value analysis set out to profile and quantify these drivers in concrete terms.

Proving Effort Proving Effort

One of our multi-national clients sponsored a well know Australian sporting team but a competitor effectively locked them out of appearing at a global event held in Australia. Our client had a limited budget so decided to take an innovative approach to salvage brand value from this long term sponsorship.

Crisis Management: Putting it in context Crisis Management: Putting it in context

A crisis. It started in the blog world then cascaded into mainstream media. The client's brand value of trust waned. The issue was far reaching, amplified by OEM agreements. Senior management were applying pressure and wanting answers.

Smarter Fundraising | Science behind communications Smarter Fundraising | Science behind communications

Market Research by The Smith Family revealed the importance of aligning communication to the attitudinal segment of the target audience.  Using advanced database analysis Precise developed a predictive model to tag segments for the best mailer and improve % return.

Fact Sheets

IR Professionals IR Professionals

Corporate Communicators Corporate Communicators

PR Professionals PR Professionals

Brand Custodians Brand Custodians

White Papers

PR - The Brand Pacemaker PR - The Brand Pacemaker

This paper seeks to use current PR Measurement and Evaluation results to prove the link between brand health and PR. The approach suggested builds a framework around three key communication themes.

Achieving Hi Performance Marketing and Communications Achieving Hi Performance Marketing and Communications

How communications creates organisational value to inform your strategy and tune activity for optimal results.