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Many questions about communications are unanswered or unquantified in organisations. Questions such as how to prove that efforts are valuable when there is no robust or reliable analysis framework in place. Without accurately quantifying results how can communications professionals prove the value that is being delivered by public relations.

No accurate PR measurement = PR Undervalued

In an era in which all marketers are being asked to justify their focus and effective use of budgets it is critical that soft measures make way for precise and accurate research that brings scientific rigour to the PR planning and decision making process.

How does PREnhance add value for the public relations professional?

  • Removes the guesswork from message customisation and media targetting.
  • Track the real impact of campaigns or launches over time.
  • Seasonal competitor benchmarking.
  • Increases return on effort 'ROE' for the time-poor executive.
  • Generates metrics that are ideal for performance management.
  • Supports effective issues management.

PREnhance can analyse the impact and effectiveness of every piece of your PR activity, irrespective of the channel used - print, electronic, broadcast or the internet. Precise lets you know where your PR works, what journals are appropriate for which messages and how these messages performed. Precise analysis can also quantify the return on investment.

Want to know more ...

  • Ensure PR is integrated as a critical part of your organisation's activities,  new media era requires new tools may prove helpful to build your internal business justification.
  • Such sophisticated analysis is made possible only by having a team of people whose skills range across PR, Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Statistics and Software Development. Examples of these outcomes are provided in case studies.
  • Precise Value works with you to create a customised one off or ongoing solution.  To understand this, please refer to how we work and our typical five stages of engagement. 
  • For more detail on PREnhance take a look at our fact sheet:

    insights for the PR professional insights for the PR professional

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