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Michael Ziviani : Monday, August 13, 2012
After offering to assist the PRIA on their Measurement & Evaluation (M&E) strategy for members last year, I realized the challenge ahead is not a technical one. In many ways the details of what and how to do M&E is the easy bit. The real challenge is driving universal adoption.

The term universal suggests a standardised approach and to an extent this is certainly possible. A Valid Metrics framework has largely been agreed across the industry with the work of AMEC. At the simplest, there are 3 key metrics: Volume, quality, audience applied at various levels of analysis. But it really does depend on the nature of the challenge and the PR objective. So there is a fair amount of consideration in how to apply this. That’s the technical aspect.

Now all we need are strategies that give communications practitioners what they need to sell in M&E and get budget to execute. This is the engagement side of the discussion and I can see at least 3 strategies here to help move forward:

  •     Evangelise: Show the vision of possibility, highlight the opportunity and make it real
  •     Enlighten: Explain how to use analysis to create business value
  •     Motivate: Understand the benefits more deeply for reasons to change

So armed with these 3 strategies like the guiding power of a triple-mantel lighthouse, off I head to present at the AMEC Summit next week in Hong Kong. Wish me luck! Watch for the slide link to be published here when available.

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