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Many questions about communications are unanswered or unquantified in organisations. Questions such as how to prove that efforts are valuable when there is no robust or reliable framework to analyse them and accurately quantify results to prove the value that is being delivered by public relations.

In the era in which all marketers are being asked to justify their focus and effective use of budgets, it is critical that soft measures make way for precise and accurate research that brings scientific rigour to the communications planning and decision making process.

How does PREnhance add value for Public Affairs Executives, and Corporate and Business Communicators?

  • Removes the guesswork from message customisation and media targetting: learn which media are reporting most positively or negatively on any given product or service
  • Quantify the impact any given activity or campaign on messages reported: improved acceptance of communications value amongst rigorous metrics-oriented CEOs, CFOs and board members
  • Understand how management is tracking across a range of desired attributes: statistically verifiable metrics could include 'good corporate governance', 'effectiveness', business performance
  • Establish the level to which your CSR activities are creating an uplift in brand attributes such as reputation and trust
  • Increased accuracy of risk profiling and crisis diagnostics: identify specific negative sentiment to support issues management with pre and during issue targetting of critical media/analysis, or post issue review for insight and continuous improvement
  • Identify reputational uplift in coverage by individual spokesperson: remove the guesswork of who to use for which issues or topics; quantify increased effectiveness over time
  • Definitively identify which specific messages more likely to lift or erode share price, including changes over time

PREnhance can analyse the impact and effectiveness of every piece of your PR activity, irrespective of the channel used:
print, electronic, broadcast, social or the internet. Up to 50 different measures are employed including media tone, message impact, volume, and an overall statistical effectiveness index.

It lets you know where your PR works, what journals are appropriate for which messages and how these messages performed.

It can also quantify the Return on Investment. The terms of this proof can be customised to the business requirement, for example:
  • What is the ROI of your Marketing Communications in terms of long term product sales?
  • How strongly is Advertising, Sponsorship driving the driving brand compared to PR?
  • What do we need to say more or less of to help our share price grow?

Because the service is customised, we also provide valuable advice on opportunities and threats.

PREnhance Can Tell You:

  • How much effort to direct to each issue or product
  • Whether or not to react to certain coverage
  • How to differentiate from your competitors' messaging strategies
  • Where to focus valuable media relations for best results
  • Which media your competitors are dominating

Did you know?

In addition to PREnhance, Precise Value provides similar groundbreaking and accurate research, analytics and reporting customised for:

  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Research Manager
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Investor Relations Specialists
  • Public Relations Executives
  • Emergency crisis management teams

Customised Reporting

Reports are the cornerstone of PrecisePR. They convert raw data into actionable insights and form the template for future Communications activity. Such sophisticated analysis is made possible only by having a team of people whose skills range across PR, Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Statistics and Software Development. Examples of these outcomes are provided in Case Studies .

To ensure PR is integrated as a critical part of your organisations activities, New Media Era Requires New Tools may prove helpful to build your internal business justification.

Precise works with you to create a customised one off or ongoing solution. To understand this, please refer to our typical five stages of engagement.

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Basis of Working Relations

Precise Value has become an important piece of the marketing arsenal for many of Australia's leading companies. Most retain our services on an ongoing basis and request additional bespoke reports from time to time. In addition we are able to provide one off engagements on a campaign, crisis or limited basis as required. Our costing model is flexible enough to allow for small and large engagements.

Our promise: all work at Precise is undertaken by experienced high-calibre professionals. No more paying for seniors and getting juniors!