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interviews & speaking engagements

As a thought leader and engaging speaker in the field of communications analysis, Precise Value CEO, Michael Ziviani, receives regular invitations to speak at professional communications forums and is part of AMEC’s International Speakers Bureau.

Michael's experience and understanding of value creation has been so respected he is now in his fourth year as judge for the Australian Advertising Effie Awards, is a judge for the Asia Pacific Sabre Awards and the Australian PRIA Golden Target Awards. In 2015 Michael also welcomed the additional honour of judging the international AMEC Awards.


Data, Analytics and Performance Measurement
PROI Global Summit, Sydney Australia
28 March - 1 April 2017

International Panel to discuss and delineate the difference between big data analytics and performance measurement analytics used by communications agencies and their clients. It also examined what role data has in a post-truth world and how to access the 'right' data.

MR 2025 - The Year that Was
AMSRS, Sydney Australia
28 February 2017

Panel Discussion: The year is 2025 and our experts look back ont he market research year that was. What did the year look like? What has MR become and how did we get there? Do we still exist, or have we evolved into something very different? Where have we thrived and where have we become irrelevant?


PRs C-Suite Future - If It Has One - Demands Innovative Measurement
Guest Blog, The Measurement Standard, 12 July 2016

The practice of public relations is approaching a crossroads. Whilst IR, internal, and corporate communications are tripping along nicely, many professionals today see the need for change, and they are conflicted between reputation and marketing functions. Will the rest of PR end up reporting directly to the CEO or be subsumed under marketing? <More>

Challenge to Opportunity' Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Conference, New Zealand #PRConf16
Auckland, New Zealand  12-13 May 2016

Precise Value presented and provided a workshop as part of this great event. Day 1 saw Michael Ziviani provide a passionate delivery on 'Show me the money! Proving how communications delivers value' whilst on Day 2 he enunciated the way to finding and showing new value with the workshop 'Reputation Management in a Digital World'

Image: PRINZ Conference/ 2016 Getty Images/ Goodall

PR Crossroads: Four Ways to Navigate Measurement in the Future
Guest Blog, Institute of Public Relations - USA, 3 May 2016

The practice of public relations is approaching a crossroads. Whilst IR, internal, and corporate communications are tripping along nicely, many professionals today see the need for change, and they are conflicted between reputation and marketing functions. Will the rest of PR end up reporting directly to the CEO or be subsumed under marketing? <More>

19th International Public Relations Research Conference, USA
Miami, Florida  2-5 March 2016

Precise Value presented as part of an illustrious team of 12 deep thinkers at the IPRRC - International Public Relations Research Conference. All involved in the conference are keen to push the boundaries of theoretical approaches to measurement and the discussion proved rich. Michael Ziviani is part of this international academic and consultant task force aimed at Standardising Measurement Frameworks. He contributed to a special session presentation during the conference.

MasterClass, Sydney, Australia 21 January 2016

Precise Value ran this MasterClass to help educate professionals in the the great art of measuring their effectiveness. Communicating with people is a complex, challenging endeavour. That's especially true when the world is awash with conflicting information and opinions - all coming from a vast array of media channels. The links between effort and tangible outcomes can be difficult to identify, measure and report.


Praxis 2015 - Power to Create, India
Public Relations & Corporate Communications India Summit
Mysore 25-26 September 2015

On day two of #Praxis2015, considered to be the finest National Public Relations Weekend Summit in India, Michael Ziviani on behalf of AMEC presented a special address on 'How analytics and data will shape the future of PR'.
A veritable flood of data is washing through business today with no sign of abating. But how do we engage analytics to make sense of this? Where can the value be found? Michael will explore emerging international trends and explain how these can be used by communications professionals to create new value.

Winning the Game, Sweden
AMEC International Summit on Measurement, Stockholm 3-4 June 2015

On day two of the International Summit  Michael Ziviani was a contributing member of a discussion group 'Developing an integrated metrics model' where he shared the model Precise Value have been using for over 5 years. The discussion was aimed at ending 'marketplace confusion with PR metrics'. The session provided members an opportunity to enjoy a robust debate aimed at helping further shape the industry. Precise Value's aim is to keep pushing the industry to embrace best practice. #amecsummit

CommsCon, Australia
Sydney, 18 March 2015

CommsCon - a pre-eminent event for Communications and PR Professionals in Australia.

Michael Ziviani was invited to be part of a panel to discuss issues and challenges around measurement. He dared attendees to think deeply about their approach #CommsCon:

'Without robust evaluation you are underselling your value'

'Keep it simple and justifiable: focus on volume, sentiment and reach - integrate from there'

Michael Ziviani also shared the international view:

'AVEs are like Kim Kardashian's derriere - overinflated, in your face and meaningless'

with acknowledgement of Michelle Hinson as the originator of the phrase.



Modelling Marketing and Communications to multiply Effectiveness

Michael Ziviani was bestowed the illustrious title of Geek of the Week. At this year’s Conclave Summit, Ziviani gave his presentation on “Visualizing Value: From PR Success to Business Success.” I sat down with Mr. Ziviani after his speech and he gave me some of his views on his work and measurement.

PRESS RELEASE: PRs Urged to Embrace Evaluation by Peak Body, 18 November 2014

AMECorg announced today the appointment of Michael Ziviani, Australia and Asseem Sood, India as co-Chairs of the APAC region for the internationally recognised Association of Measurement and Evaluation for Communications. more:

PRs Urged To Embrace Evaluation By Peak Body-AMEC(finaldraft) PRs Urged To Embrace Evaluation By Peak Body-AMEC(finaldraft)

'AMEC steps up advocacy of PR measurement', PRWeek Asia 19 November 2014

International PR Measurement Summit - New Hampshire USA October 2014

The Summit is billed as, “The annual gathering for the best minds and thought leaders in research and measurement, and those who want to learn from them.” It is limited to 50 attendees. Michael Ziviani has been invited to present and talk on Precise Value's innovative methods and approach to 'Visualising Value: from PR to Business Success.

LGAQ Media Communications Forum - Queensland Australia October 2014

Precise Value presented to local government professionals on 'Quantifying and Measuring Communications' ensuring ongoing communication relevance to council operations.

As part of AMEC Measurement Week and supported by PRIA.

Upping the Game
AMEC International Summit on Measurement - Amsterdam, Netherlands June 2014

On day one of the International Summit  Michael was a member of a panel on the topic 'When Harry met Sally'. The session explored measurement and evaluation in the new reality of integrated marketing with a view to opening a door to AMEC's future organisation.  Read Michael's presentation here:

Harry Met Sally AMEC panel Day1 1230 MZiviani(Publ)watermark Harry Met Sally AMEC panel Day1 1230 MZiviani(Publ)watermark


PRINZ Masterclass - Auckland New Zealand May 2014

Michael conducted an extended Masterclass on Wednesday 28 May where he explored leading edge techniques to enable delegates to link evaluation to business results. Here, Michael shared his 20 years of experience in market research and evaluation with various case examples. Masterclass delegates left with detailed insight into how to setup their own advanced evaluation program and link their efforts to real business results. 

PRINZ Conference - Auckland New Zealand May 2014

Michael Ziviani, CEO of Precise Value spoke with delegates at the PRINZ Conference this year on ‘Measuring the Business
Value of PR’.

Government Communications Australia Conference - Melbourne Australia February 2014

Precise Value’s CEO, Michael Ziviani, presented his passion of helping
Marketing and Communications Professionals prove their value with solid metrics.
He  also educated delegates with strategies on how to gain traction and Senior Management attention!


PRIA Summer School - Australia January 2014

Precise Value was one of the presenters for this 3 day workshop helping Communications Professionals understand how to use evaluation so they can better justify and prove their efforts. Michael presented the Advanced Australian Model for Evaluation, describing how to setup and use the model effectively.


Half Day Workshops: Australian Evaluation Model - various dates nationally throughout 2013

Michael Ziviani met with interested Communications Professionals within the PRIA to update them on the recently published Australian Evaluation Model. The model presents a set of principles and direction in best practice measurement and evaluation based on AMEC guidelines. Michael facilitates these workshops as part of his involvement with the PRIA’s Measurement & Evaluation Committee and he is also part of the AMEC Executive, Asia Pacific Chapter.

Interview with Holly Clark from Bluechip Communication, Australia - August 2013

Read Michael's interview with Holly Clark in the latest issue of PRognosis to find out all you need to know about effective measurement & evaluation of your communication efforts.


World PR Forum - Melbourne, Australia November 2012

Michael joined a panel where the topic 'Have we found the Higgs Boson of public relations in our advances measuring value?' was discussed in detail.

Read more about the World PR Forum

How can PR professionals show measurable value to their clients and prospects in these tough times? October 2012

Precise Value recently brought together a group of PR professionals for a PR Professional Forum and here are some of the

areas discussed areas discussed


Webinar: Well derived Measurement & Evaluation of Public Relations can solve business needs. August 2012

Our CEO, Michael Ziviani, joined John Croll of Sentia Media to bring to life and share their combined experience and insight into best practice measurement and evaluation. They examined common misconceptions and barriers and offer solutions to overcoming these roadblocks along with real-life project examples and their outcomes. They also painted a vision and future direction for the evolution of M&E towards solving business needs.

PRIA members can listen to Michael and John by following the following link -

PRIA National Australian Events - June 2012

Michael describes how to approach measurement and evaluation of both traditional and social media. The presentation outlined the best practice experience of Precise Value, supported by the latest thinking from the AMEC European Summit in June 2012. Michael describes how communications outputs can be measured, evaluated against objectives and further linked to organisational outcomes. Several examples and cases are discussed to demonstrate the suggested process. The presentation concludes with a brief overview of International standardisation currently underway.

AMEC's 1st Asia Pacific PR Summit on Measurement , Hong Kong, February/ March

Michael presented at the Summit speaking on current media measurement benchmarks; The Barcelona Principles - what are they and how do I use them in establishing my program performance? 'Prove everything or Die'

Read his

Presentation Handout Notes Presentation Handout Notes


Speakers' Summary Speakers' Summary

Michael is also working to localise the Barcelona Principles for Australia. Watch his blog for more coming up on this.


Qantas Inflight, July 2010

An interview with Michael Ziviani and Ita Buttrose discussing investing in your Corporate Reputation.

adtech sydney

In March 2010, Michael Ziviani joined a panel where the topic for discussion was:

How to Transform your Marketing Mix for Innovation, Product& Business Development


evoTV interview Michael Ziviani, May 2009.

Sydney Australia, August 2009

Corporate Responsibility conference  A cross-industry forum exploring best practice in linking business capabilities to stakeholder expectations via CR.
Michael's topic - Optimising Communication strategies: CR Communications as your strategic asset
  • Analysing CR communications
  • Understanding how CR can reduce risk and build trust for your organisation
  • Structuring/Managing you communications for optimal return-on-effort
  • Uncovering the commercial ROI of CR communications

MOSS Sustainability Series National Tour - License to Operate

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney: March to May 2009
Michael's topic

The ROI on CSR The ROI on CSR

  • Maximising 'bang for buck' of CSR communications
  • Quantifying the ROI and business value of CSR
  • Understanding the evolution to relationship economy


Professional Marketing Magazine, October 2008 Issue

Vivienne Reiner talks with Michael Ziviani Vivienne Reiner talks with Michael Ziviani

on Communications, CSR and Greenwash

Precise Value Assisting Social "Salons"

Precise Value has been assisting, on a pro bono basis, the social entrepreneurship "salons" at UNSW's Centre of Social Impact, led by Assoc Professor Cheryl Kernot. The assistance takes the form of advising on marketing and growth in strategy and keynote presentations.

Cheryl recently returned from the UK to take up a position with the Center for Social Impact. Her work in the UK put her at the cutting edge of Social Innovation at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University. At the CSI Cheryl has pioneered the Social Entrepreneurs Salon to provide a place for like-minded social entrepreneurs to meet and learn and find support.

"The world is talking about social value-creation, not just financial value-creation", says Cheryl and the GFC highlights the need for a more creative capitalism that emphasis's social benefit. Cheryl explains how Australia could nurture social entrepreneurs in her acclaimed essay A Quiet Revolution, Griffith REVIEW 24: Participation Society.

Precise Value also participates in the Salon with the aim of bridging Social and Commercial interests.