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In the era in which all marketers are being asked to justify their focus and effective use of budgets, it is critical that soft measures make way for precise and accurate research that brings scientific rigour to the marketing planning and decision making process.

PreciseBrand - an innovative research and analytics reporting system developed in Australia - analyses the reaction, or changes in predisposition, following PR or sponsorship activity. For example, are target consumers more likely to purchase as a result?

While you may already have a Brand Health Tracker in place, we augment those results with our advanced analytics.

By analysing attitudinal shifts, we provide deep insights into the reasons behind customer behaviour and what influences future sales or opinion shift. This knowledge sets the valuable foundation for PreciseMix, an innovative through-the-line analytics service.

PreciseBrand can tell you:

  • How much effort to direct to each issue or product
  • Whether or not to react to certain coverage
  • How to differentiate from your competitors' messaging strategies
  • Where to focus valuable media relations for best results
  • Which media your competitors are dominating

Precise analysis can also help you quantify the Return on Investment of your individual brand elements. The terms of this proof can be customised to the business requirement, for example:
  • What is the ROI of your Marketing Communications in terms of long term product sales?
  • How strongly is Advertising, Sponsorship driving the driving brand compared with PR?
  • What do we need to say more or less on a particular topic to help our share price grow?

Because the service is customised, we also provide valuable advice on opportunities and threats.

To see PreciseBrand in action take a look at our case studies

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