Critical Thinking

Modelling Marketing & Communications to Multiply Effectiveness

Looking at this interview with Precise Value’s CEO Michael Ziviani published in December 2014, we see continued relevance for organisations today. Understanding that no communication works in isolation and the need for planning and strategy are still at the crux of what organisations should aspire to.   How Michael Ziviani Models Marketing & Communications To […]

Reputation in a Digital World

Curtin University, Australia created a MOOC so people could gain greater understanding around reputation which included monitoring and  measuring it. Precise Value’s Michael Ziviani was invited by the facilitators to be a contributor. His presentation is available to all who sign up for the course. He discussed: Why a good reputation is important – particularly […]

The Path from Communications to Business Success : US Summit finds the shortcuts!

The Institute for Public Relations holds an annual Measurement Summit in New Hampshire just prior to Fall and Katie Paine invited me along this year. The event attracts high calibre evaluation experts from all three side of the industry: client, agency and consultant measurement providers.

AVE is NOT the value of Public Relations

As PR professionals continue to cling to using AVE as an evaluation metric it makes me wonder do they protest too much? Is the evidence for an alternative really so weak? Well lets examine that.

Getting an Edge

The year has kicked off with the buzz of potential – growth potential and new value potential. Behind that excitement is deeper and smarter discussions around the use of analysis to unlock that potential Why care about analysis? Because, it’s official – analytics works! This fascinating study by US think-tank MIT has revealed that Hi-Performance companies are […]

Get an Edge

In my last blog, we explored the philosophy and rationale behind getting an edge in 2013. This explained ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ analysis fits into the picture of successful competitive advantage.


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