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about us

Established in 1999, Precise Value help clients deeply understand how marketing creates business value and quantify that with concrete metrics.  This focus led to the development of a range of market research, analytics and statistical data architectures that show how and where to focus for best effect. Our solutions span across marketing, corporate affairs, investor relations, predictive CRM and return on investment.

We lead international best practice in our PR, content and media analysis methodologies, advising on expert panels to IPR and AMEC. Our rigour here is supported by review of the CSIRO Division of Information Science. Our approach includes a fully customisable analysis framework, metrics and in-house developed software system. Our R&D effort further enables us to statistically link communications activity6 to share price movements with over 90% accuracy. We conduct similar correlation analyses to uncover how much each marketing activity contributed to brand, reputation or sales uplifts.

Precise Value offers focused market research services where clients seek to go deep on building and tracking effective communications strategies. Our capability here includes outstanding qualitative research, carefully designed to provide all you need to answer your strategic needs. Our quantitative, survey research is similarly comprehensive including segmentation, usage and attitude, and tracking of brand or reputation.

our team

Our clients benefit from highly capable, senior people with a rigorous approach. This ensures we deliver valuable reports and strategic workshops bringing confidence to client decisions. refinement honed over nearly two decades brings regular client feedback that our reports and workshops are the most strategic they have seen.

We look forward to discussing your needs and demonstrating how we can assist.