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delivering better business value by

achieving more with less

  • Are you constantly working harder yet struggling to find time to be strategic
  • Besieged by conflicting priorities
  • Want to know where to target your time in this fragmented communications landscape?

We bring science to the art of communications and marketing to show you where to focus effort for best results. This helps you work smarter not harder - still achieving more with the same budget.

Our approaches are world best-practice and we deliver:

  • Deep, actionable insights with implications not just data
  • Join-the-dots linkage from activity to business results
  • 20 years experience in marketing strategy, market research and statistics
  • Senior, thoughtful experts each with at least 15 years commercial experience 

Institute of PR blog, USA

'PR Crossroads: Four ways to navigate Measurement in the Future' or it's alternative title 'Data Talks, BS Walks'

Michael Ziviani is the CEO of Precise Value and has brought current industry dynamics together in this thought provoking blog. Michael is also a member of IPR's Taskforce into Standardisation of Evaluation as well as a member of the IPRs Measurement Commission.

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PREnhance can analyse the impact and effectiveness of any element of your PR activity.

Precise Value undertake a full remit of Market Research to assist your efforts.

Precise Value's Marketing Performance Analysis provides innovative professional services and products which boost your business performance.